Brand Vika

About brand

The Russian Coatings Company is located in the ancient city of Yaroslavl in central Russia. The city is proud of its millennium-long history. The main streets of Yaroslavl’ are on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The city itself is the principal one of the renowned tourist route called the “Golden Ring of Russia”.

The history of the Russian Coatings is closely linked to that of the country and the city because, in 2018, the enterprise is celebrating its 180th anniversary. In 1848, Andrei Fedorovich Vakhrameev, a merchant, founded the modern paint and coatings manufacturing enterprise by launching the manufacture of lead paint on an industrial basis.

Presently, the Russian Coatings is the sole enterprise in Russia on the TOP 100 list of leading global paint and coatings manufacturers, according to the data of the American Coatings World magazine. From year to year, the Russian Coatings has been demonstrating a sustained growth. The sales in 2017 were 35,000 tons of products, and the product line, as of the same year, included 1,504 items.

Since 2001, the enterprise has manufactured all car refinish materials under the unique Vika trademark. Vika is the leader in the Russian market of car refinish paint materials with about a 20% sales share. The trademark products are competing with success with foreign manufacturers. The products have won wide recognition by consumers due to the effective price-to-quality ratio. All Vika materials are sold through a dealer network including over 60 partners in the Russian Federation and the former Soviet republics.

The purpose of the brand is to provide a wide product mix of easy-to-use paint and coating materials and associated goods for consumers who are engaged in professional and amateur repair of car body coating. This is why Vika is a balanced line of compatible car refinish products including clearcoats, enamels, primers, putties, and auxiliary materials. The colour mixing system of Vika automobile enamels makes it easy to select a colour to repair automobiles of both Russian and foreign make, and achieve a perfect match with the colour of the automobile coating.

Advertising ideas

VIKA – a brand with a history. For 20 years , it has been developing and committed to the best. The product range is expanding, materials are evolving, and production is being streamlined.

VIKA has its history of advertising concepts. In the overall trademark development strategy, advertising concepts are not an incidental phenomenon; hence, they are not random. Striking visual images disclose the spirit of the brand evolution period when these images were created.

Year 2009

The compositionally intricate, standing out advertising concept of 2009 was focused on demonstrating the splendid effect of using VIKA materials, and the huge variety of opportunities they offer.

Year 2012

An automobile is part of the environment, and its extension. It holds not only a utilitarian function, but also an aesthetic one. The advertising concept shows that the surrounding world can be visually more appealing due to the exceptional result of working with VIKA materials.

Year 2014

The focus is on hi-tech materials. Breakthrough products have been developed and placed on the market: the 2К acrylic-urethane primer 4+1 HS with high filling and viscosity, and universal mix components for colour mixing systems.

Year 2015

The advertising teaser image is exceptional in bringing out to the forefront the innovations of the car refinish business line, keeping the intrigue to the last. How will the new material look like? What are its strengths? It remains to wait for the secret to be unveiled.

Year 2016

The year 2016, the anniversary of the brand, within the Go for VIKA advertising campaign, suggested using the company’s domestic products as those that meet market demands.

Year 2018

The new and upbeat idea “Makes blush” stresses the brand’s strong foothold due to a saturated red colour symbolising self-assurance and leader’s qualities.